Requires AlphaMania 2.0.7 or later and Director 7 or later

Auto Download Xtras

Director 7 Shockwave introduced automatic download of Xtras. Now you can freely use AlphaMania* and the Effector Sets in your Shockwave movies and they will automatically download if your users do not have them.

To see a sample of this in action, view our Roswell demo.

*There is a bug in Shockwave wherein Xtra castmembers lose their registration. If importing AlphaMania castmembers from Photoshop files turn 'Preserve Registration' OFF if you are planning to use those castmembers in shockwave movie.

Auto-Download Instructions

Here are the instructions for including Media Lab Xtras for automatic download:

  1. Open xtrainfo.txt in the Director 7 or 8 application folder.
  2. Look for a line listing the AlphaMania Xtra from Media Lab. If found then delete it. Most users will NOT find an AlphaMania line in xtrainfo.txt
  3. Users who are only using AlphaMania on their web page should insert the following lines into xtrainfo.txt: ; AlphaMania from Media Lab [#nameW32:"AlphaMania.x32", #namePPC:"AlphaMania", #package:"", #info:""]
  4. Users who are using both AlphaMania and the Effector Sets on their web page should instead insert this line into xtrainfo.txt: ;AlphaMania from MediaLab [#nameW32:"AlphaMania.x32", #namePPC:"AlphaMania", #package:"", #info:""]
  5. Save xtrainfo.txt
  6. For each movie you want to have Xtras automatically download do the following: From Modify...Movie...Xtras select AlphaMania in the scrolling list and turn on the check box Download If Needed. (see NOTES below). Save your movie.
  7. That's it.

What if Download If Needed is grayed out?

If the Download If Needed checkbox is grayed out, there are be three common problems:

  1. There is a typo in xtrainfo.txt. For example, if you add any hard returns between lines, that can cause the same problem. On the web page, the text is being wrapped, but there should not be a carriage return in the text. If you copy and paste directly from the web page to xtrainfo.txt it should work fine.
  2. The checkbox will not become active if you do not have an active connection to the Internet. Director requires a live connection to the internet before it can enable the Download If Needed checkbox.
  3. The #nameW32 must be the exact name of the AlphaMania Xtra as it appears on your PC. If you have changed the name for any reason you can modify the entry in xtrainfo.txt to match it. By the same token, the #namePPC must be the exact Mac name of the Xtra.