Media Lab’s SiteGrinder 3 Photoshop Plug-In Integrates Easy-to-Use Wazala Web Store

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Media Lab’s SiteGrinder 3 Photoshop plug-in integrates easy-to-use Wazala web store

Logan, Utah – August 11, 2011 -– Media Lab Inc., premier provider of Photoshop plug-in website creation technologies, today announces SiteGrinder 3 integration support for the Wazala webstore from Boxador. Using its powerful external media importer technology Media Lab makes it easy for users to add a Wazala web store to SiteGrinder 3 generated websites, Facebook fan page tabs and WordPress themes.


SiteGrinder 3 automatically converts Photoshop PSD files into standards-compliant web for designers and their clients. SiteGrinder 3 creates elements such as customized CSS text, web-optimized images, interactive buttons and menus, drop shadows, rounded corners, transparency, CSS animation and more.


“Media Lab is continually adding external media integrations to the SiteGrinder 3 Platform making SiteGrinder the most flexible and extensible PSD to HTML platform on the market,” said Michael D. Nelson, COO of Media Lab, Inc. “Wazala is a great addition to SiteGrinder 3’s extensive list of external media importers, making it easy to add a web store that can be used across any SiteGrinder 3 generated websites, Facebook fan pages or WordPress themes.”


Additional external media importers support by SiteGrinder 3

google presentation
google doc
Slideshow Pro
lightroom gallery
mp3 google audio player
microsoft video
wazala store
and many more….



SiteGinder 3
On the PC, SiteGrinder 3 is compatible with Windows XP and later, including Windows 7. It requires Photoshop 7 or later including the latest Photoshop CS5, or Photoshop Elements 6, 7 and 8. On the Mac, SiteGrinder 3 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.1 or greater, Photoshop CS3 CS4 or CS5 (Mac OS X 10.4 or later for the Intel-based Mac), or Photoshop Elements 6, 7 and 8. Visit for complete details and to download your copy of SiteGrinder 3.


About Media Lab, Inc.
For over a decade, Logan, Utah – Based Media Lab, Inc. has specialized in creating interactive Photoshop tools that make it easy to bring amazing web designs to life. In addition to its flagship product SiteGrinder 3, Media Lab’s SiteGrinder 2, has enjoyed an array of favorable reviews and accolades since it debuted in April 2000 under the the name of Photowebber. Prior to the release of Photowebber, Media Lab’s innovative multimedia design tools, PhotoCaster, PSD2FLA, and AlphaMania, were used to create pioneering special effects seen at Disney World’s EPCOT Center in Florida, as well as in numerous popular music videos and motion pictures, such as “X-Men 2″, “Spiderman 2″, “Air Force One”, and “Armageddon”. For complete information on Media Lab, Inc. and its current products, visit

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