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What Are the Differences Between Basic and Pro?

SiteGrinder 2 Basic focuses on a conversion of the elements as they visually appear in your Photoshop document to a working web site. This includes multiple pages, buttons, menus, and styled HTML text. SiteGrinder 2 Pro goes beyond Photoshop and brings to your site all the things that are simply drawable in Photoshop. This includes import of Flash and video, web galleries, Flash slideshow creation, forms and working email forms, tiles for filling the browser window, making pages that expand vertically and have footers, importing HTML, direct entry of HTML into Photoshop, and more.




Convert page designs from Photoshop to working web sites
Styled text in Photoshop can be converted to styled HTML text
Buttons (graphic, text, or both)
Drop down menus
Multiple pages
Scrolling text
Hyperlinks galore (email links, urls, links to files and much more)
Automatic linking of buttons and pages (a great timesaver)
Linked phrases and words in text fields
User controllable compression
All output is XHTML 1.1 valid
Everything uses CSS. Tables are not used for layout.
Support for Flash, QuickTime, and other external media
Image galleries (galleries have their own page long feature list)
Slideshow creation (SiteGrinder builds the Flash .swf for you)
Forms (type them in Photoshop, SiteGrinder outputs them)
Email form support - both CGI and PHP (can't get much easier than this)
Vertically expanding documents with footers
External HTML import (very sophisticated, Photoshop can now be used to "skin" external content)
Dynamic binding of external HTML via PHP require(); Server Side Includes, or <object> inclusion.
Place your own HTML directly into the Photoshop document.
Tiled backgrounds (interior and exterior, as well as integration with vertically growing documents)
Option to output as <img> for semantically significant graphics.

What Are the Differences Between Basic and Pro?