Convert Your Organization's PowerPoints into Online Training Courses

Many organizations already have a wealth of training materials created in Microsoft PowerPoint, but no way to deliver this training to employees or track its completion. Compliance & CE lets you upload your organization's PowerPoints and convert them to online courses in less than a minute.

One-step PowerPoint Conversion Process

Select the PowerPoint you want to convert and give the course a name. That's all you need to do in order to create a customized online course that you can deliver to your employees. All of your text, images, formatting, and page layouts are preserved, so that the online course is a near-exact replica of your original PowerPoint.

Enhance Your PowerPoints with Questions and Quizzes

Once you've converted your PowerPoints into online courses, you can enhance them using all the features of CourseBuilder. Add images, downloadable files, graded and ungraded questions, and more. Add a graded quiz to any PowerPoint and track the scores with Compliance & CE.

Deliver, Track, and Document Your Online Training

Your custom courses, whether converted from PowerPoint or built from scratch using CourseBuilder, are delivered to your employees just like any other Compliance & CE course. An employee can access courses from any Internet-connected computer, 24/7/365, and can stop and start at any time. Assign groups and subadministrators, such as department heads or safety officers, to monitor employee training, and fully document employee training with MediaLab's comprehensive reports.