Easy to Set Up, Easy To Use

Get Started Quickly

In just a few simple steps, you can add your employees, build manuals, and select appropriate supervisor and administrator permissions. Each employee has his or her own username and password. Delegate administrative functions to appropriate supervisors, department heads, and clerical employees.

Integrates with MediaLab's Compliance & CE Courses

If you already use MediaLab's Compliance & CE Courses, your employees can use the same username and password to access Document Control. Your existing groups can be matched to manuals, so you're ready to go in minutes.

Load Your Existing Documents

Bulk-upload your existing documents without needing new lab director approval or employee signoff. Start collecting signatures for new documents and future revisions.

"To-Do" List: See What Needs to Get Done

A central to-do list show what each employee needs to complete in Document Control: performing signoffs, approving documents, completing periodic reviews, downloading backups, reprinting controlled copies, and more.

E-mail Notifications

Automatic e-mail notifications are sent when important items are added to an employee's to-do list, including reviewing changes to policies and procedures.

We Make It Easy

With clear instructions, a straightforward user interface, powerful search functions, and help when and where you need it, MediaLab's Document Control is easier to use than any other available solution.