IQE - CAPA: Process Improvement

IQE provides easy-to-use, intuitive tools right from the start to help you effectively handle your non-conforming events consistently, thoroughly, and quickly.

Template Forms

IQE comes with several forms ready for your use and customization, including an ISO-based laboratory non-conforming events form, a PT failure investigation form, and a customer feedback resolution form. You can also create your own completely custom forms to match your existing paper forms, or design new ones to enhance your processes.

Event Lifecycle

All CAPA events follow a lifecycle, from description and risk assessment, to investigation, corrective & preventive action, and evaluation of effectiveness. Each phase asks appropriate, customizable questions to collect necessary information.

Five-Whys Tool

Use the Five-Whys tool to help get at the root cause of the problem. List causes of the event and ask “why?” as many times as needed to dig down to the source of the issue, and then generate remediation actions to address the root cause.

Collaboration Tools

IQE's collaboration tools make it easy to get feedback from other parties who were involved in an event or whose feedback is needed. Request collaboration from any user in MediaLab or outside users as well. Collaborate on completing the form by letting these users fill in appropriate fields, while preventing them from changing sections that they shouldn't.