IQE - CAPA: Cutting Risk and Costs

Now more than ever, labs need to save money and minimize risk. Identifying errors and having efficient processes helps with both. Streamline your non-conforming event resolution with intelligent dashboards, reports, and email notifications.

Intelligent Dashboards and Reports to Identify Problems

IQE's intelligent dashboards and reporting helps you locate errors quickly and work to a resolution that prevents reoccurrences. Dashboards highlight how your non-conforming events are moving through the CAPA lifecycle of description, investigation, corrective & preventive action, and reporting.

Central To-Do List

One central, organized to-do list provides a hub for all the activities that your users need to complete in IQE. No hunting for the right event or getting lost in the shuffle.

Timely Notifications

Reminders and notifications are sent to your users automatically, so they stay on top of what they need to do to properly close out events. Customize how frequently your users get notifications and reminders from IQE.

Event Ownership

All events have an owner that's responsible for making sure the CAPA lifecycle gets complete. Owners are reminded whenever an event stalls that their attention is needed to remedy the situation.