Document Control Improvements for 11/22

At MediaLab, we're continually working with our customers to enhance Document Control. The updates below will be made on November 22nd, 2013. There's no action you need to take. Updates will be automatically applied to your account.

This is our biggest update yet, with dozens of requested features.

Performing Employee Improvements

Require your performing employees to sign off on documents annually

Though accrediting agencies no longer require every employee to sign off on documents every year, many labs continue this practice. You can now assign these annual signoffs by going to the Reports tab, then "Assign Annual Document Signoffs to Your Performing Employees."

E-mail Improvements

Fewer e-mails from Document Control, you set the schedule

More Document Control e-mails now go through our caching script, so that you'll get fewer e-mails, each with more information. You can set how often you want to receive these e-mails. If you want to get updates as soon as possible but your lab director only wants an e-mail once a week, you can set that up. Select the overall frequency under "Workflows & Customizations." Each user can configure his own option under "My Profile," "Change E-mail Preferences."

To-Do list reminder e-mails

We've improved reminder e-mails -- now we're sending a user's whole to-do list by e-mail. You can select how often these reminders are sent, and individual users can change the setting to be more or less frequent. Select the overall frequency under "Workflows & Customizations." Each user can configure his own option under "My Profile," "Change E-mail Preferences."

Administrators can see e-mails sent to a user

View all e-mails that have been sent to a user. Search for a user, then click on "E-mails Sent to User."

Notification if you're skipped in an approval process

If an administrator skips over your signature in an approval process or editing workflow, you'll get an e-mail notification.

See document collaborators

Document collaborators are those users who have uploaded or edited a document. They will now be notified when documents they've edited have been approved / published. They'll also be notified when their documents have been flagged as "needing revision," either during periodic review or at any other time. You can see who is a collaborator and remove collaborators rom getting these notifications by searching for a document, "Available actions and reports," then "Edit title and description."

Special document notifications - restrict just to the documents you're over

Site administrators have been able to set up special notifications to alert certain users about issues like a stalled approval process or delayed lab director approval, documents flagged as needing an update, etc. Document and manual administrators can now set up these notifications for themselves, restricting the notifications just to documents for which they're an administrator. Configure these options under "My Profile," "Change E-mail Preferences."

Improvements to Editing and Approving Documents

New permission type: Document author

Document authors can add or edit documents in their assigned manuals, but they cannot change the structure of manuals, print controlled copies, view reports, or retire / delete documents. Select document authors under the "Permissions" tab.

Select which document types don't need approval or performing employee signoff

If your forms, job aids, worksheets, meeting notes, etc. don't need to be approved, you can select that this entire document type will never require approval. These documents can be published directly by the uploader or any administrator. Likewise, if you don't require your performing employees to sign off on forms, job aids, etc. you can turn off this requirement for selected document types. Set these options under "Workflows & Customizations," "Add, Edit, or Remove Document Types."

Check-in / check-out system for editing documents

We've built a more robust system for checking out documents to edit them, and checking them back in when you're done with them. This will help prevent conflicting edits for labs with lots of authors working on the same document. You can enable the new check-in / check-out system under "Workflows & Customizations," "Change Document Control Options."

Minor revision approval processes

When you upload a minor revision, it will be added to the system as "being edited" so that you can make additional changes to it without creating new minor revisions. When your minor revision is ready, you can publish it or start its approval process. You can create minor revision approval processes just for your minor revisions, or you can re-use the approval process for new documents and major revisions (with or without the lab director's signoff). Set up minor revision approval processes under "Workflows & Customizations."

Approval processes with no steps

You can create approval processes with no steps, which will designate that these documents do not need any approvals before they are available to your users. For example, you might want to publish a manufacturer's job aid or report without requiring your lab director to approve it. Edit your approval processes under "Workflows & Customizations."

Copy steps from one approval process or workflow to another

Quickly duplicate and tweak your approval processes and workflows by copying steps from another existing process or workflow. When you're editing a process or workflow, look for the "copy" drop-down list.

Roll back to a previous edit

When you're editing a document, if you upload a change by mistake, you can revert to a previous edit to undo your latest changes. You can also download the original files associated with previous edits and retired versions of documents.

Updates to "View all versions of a document" report

We've changed the "View all versions of a document" report to show the editing process for the current and previous versions of a document. Access this report by searching for a document, then "Available actions and reports."

Other Improvements

Load times

We've dramatically improved load times throughout the system. Our testing shows that pages that used to load in 1 - 2 seconds now load in .1 - .2 seconds.

Searching for a document under the "Manuals" tab

When you're searching for a document under the "Manuals" view of "View Documents & Manuals", you'll see the matching documents in context of the manual(s) in which they're found.

Options: who's allowed to retire documents, delete documents, and delete manuals?

You can restrict retiring documents, delete documents, and deleting manuals to higher-level administrators, just the lab director, or just your site administrators. Change these options under "Workflows & Customizations," "Change Document Control Options." To retire documents, delete documents, or delete manuals, you'll need to enter your PIN / password.

Controlled copies don't require [date last reviewed] on each page

Our default template for controlled copies put the last that the document was last reviewed on each page of the procedure. This means that the whole procedure needed to be reprinted following each periodic review. You can now customize the controlled copy template so that the date of last review does not appear on each page (there's no regulatory requirement that this date appear on each page). From then on, when you perform periodic review on a document, you'll only need to reprint the face page of the document, not the entire document.

Document browsing environment improvements

Document browsing environments now use continuous scrolling rather than page forward / backward clicking. You can also adjust the size of the left-hand navigation window.

Published on 11/18/2013 1:36:40 PM.

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