Document Control Improvements for 9/9

At MediaLab, we're continually working with our customers to enhance Document Control. The updates below have been made as of September 9th, 2015. There's no action you need to take.

Improvements for 9/9 (v. 2015.2)

Across all systems

Subadministrators can access administration features directly from the navigation bar.
Users with group subadministrator permissions can access the relevant programs directly from the top navigation area, saving lots of clicks. They can still (but do not have to) access their subadministrator permissions from the "Subadministrator" tab under "My Courses" or "My Assessments."

"Go To" menu.
When viewing users, a new "Go to" box allows administrators to jump between reports / pages for that user. Previously, this was a horizontal list of icons and program names, but the list became too wide for many users.

A new help system (accessed under "Need help?" in the upper right corner of any page), is better organized, provides direct "Get started" and common question links, and has improved search functions.

Document Control

Put manual names into the header or footer of printed copies.
When customizing the headers and footers for your controlled and uncontrolled copies, you can now request the system include the name of the manual and / or submanuals in which the document is located. Click on "Workflows & Customizations" > "Customize Headers and Footers for Controlled, Uncontrolled, Blank, and Manual Copies of Documents."

Designate a user as a "new hire."
When adding a new user, a checkbox lets to specify that the user is a "new hire." If the box is checked, the user will be required to sign any "approved, performing employee signoff not required" documents for which he or she is a performing employee. Previously, you had to assign these documents from a separate page.

Customize your to-do list.
Each administrator, administrator + reviewer, and lab director can customize his or her To-Do list. Several sections of the To-Do can be excluded from displaying on screen or being included in e-mails. This gives the user greater flexibility in choosing what e-mails he or she would like to receive. Some types of notifications, including performing employee signoff or approval signatures, cannot be removed from the To-Do list. To customize your To-Do list, log in to Document Control and click on "Customize your To-Do List Notifications and E-mails."

Customize notifications for stalled documents.
You can select how many days of inactivity must pass before documents stalled in an approval or review process and documents stalled in editing are shown on users' To-Do lists. The number of days can be different for documents stalled in approval or review and documents stalled in editing, and you can disable one or both from showing at all. To change the setting, go to "Workflows & Customizations" > Change Document Control Options."

Time spent reading documents.
We're now capturing the length of time a user spends viewing a document. You can see reports for a specific document or for a specific user that shows how long a user spent viewing a document both before and after signing as a performing employee. This can help prove that users are spending adequate time reading a document before signing it. Access this report for a user by searching for the user, or get a report on a document under "Available actions and reports for this document."

Reprint changes to a manual.
If there's a problem printing the changes to a controlled copy of a manual (the printer ran out of paper or ink, the pages were misplaced, etc.), you can now reprint that specific batch of changes. Find the manual that has the controlled copy you want to reprint and, in "Available actions for this manual", select "View / print controlled copies." Then, click "Reprint" next to the copy. You'll see a list of past printings, starting with the last "whole manual" printing, that includes each subsequent "changes only" printing. All of these files are available to regenerate or reprint.


Better notifications.
InspectionProof notifications are now more timely, focused, and customizable. You'll receive notification when a checklist item for which you're an approver has been submitted for your approval, or when a checklist item for which you're an editor or approver has been rejected. You can customize how often you'd like the system to hold these notifications for your users, or if you want users receive them at all, by going to "Change InspectionProof Options »" on the InspectionProof home tab. Each user can override the default setting under "My Profile" > "Change E-mail Preferences."

Activity summary notifications.
The previous type of notification that was sent, which summarized all activity, is still available. You can customize how often, or if, you'd like this e-mail sent to your users under "Change InspectionProof Options »" on the InspectionProof home tab, and each user can override the default at "My Profile" > "Change E-mail Preferences."


Email notification frequency.
Compass has more e-mail notification options as well. You can control how quickly users will receive notification of new assignments or activities that need their attention. Similarly, you can control how often users will receive reminders of all items on their Compass To-Do list. You can select the default frequency for your users under the Compass Home tab > "Change Compass Options," and each user can override the default at "My Profile" > "Change E-mail Preferences."

Review signatures.
Review signatures are shown more prominently on completed assessments.

Mini Document Control for POCT users.
If you require policy or procedure reviews from Document Control in your assessments, users who are assigned to those assessments but don't have access to Document Control, can access a "mini" Document Control area that lets those users refer the relevant policies and procedures at any time. These mini Document Control users won't count toward your Document Control user limit.

More options for activity statuses.
Activities can be marked "in progress" or "unsatisfactory," not just "complete." This gives you more flexibility in collecting observations and logging corrective action.

Add activities to completed assessments.
You can now create individual activities on a completed competency profile. Many users requested this feature so that they could log PT and survey results throughout the year, not just during the time that a competency assessment was assigned.

Published on 9/9/2015 9:28:40 AM.

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