Advanced White Blood Cell Differential Simulator

The LabCE Advanced White Blood Cell Differential Simulator, produced in collaboration with the Louisiana State University Health Science Center, includes 12 expert-reviewed differentials, each with 100 slide images. Perform the differential yourself and then compare your cell identifications with the experts.

Curated by Experts

Each case has been assembled and peer-reviewed by a panel of experts from the Louisiana State University Health Science Center.

1,200 WBC Images

Each case includes 100 slide images, for a total of 1,200 images included with the White Blood Cell Differential Simulator. Cells include blasts, lymphocytes, monocytes, segmented neutrophils, reactive lymphocytes, myelocytes, band neutrophils, eosinophils, and more.

Ideal for Students and All Laboratory Professionals

The cases in the Advanced White Blood Cell Differential Simulator are ideal for laboratory science students and all laboratory professionals. They focus on more advanced identification skills, including leukemias.

Video Summary of Each Case

At the conclusion of each case, you'll get access to a video summary. Experts from the LSU Health Science Center review each slide in the case, pointing out important morphological features, and working through trickier identifications. Each video lasts 5 – 10 minutes.

Test Mode and Review Mode

Two different ways to practice! Test mode asks you to proceed through all 100 cells of the case before receiving your results, like in the laboratory. After viewing all images, you can see which cells you identified differently than the experts. Review mode gives you immediate feedback after each cell.

Feedback on Your Results

At the end of each case, you’ll get a comprehensive report on your answers and how they compare with the experts’ answers. See the slides where your answer differs from the experts, how you identified it, and how they identified it. See which cells you identify and misidentify most frequently, so you can focus your review on commonly confused cell types.

Review Your Strengths and Weaknesses

At the end of each case, you will be given a review video from the experts, a list of the cells you identified compared to what the experts identified, a breakdown of each cell with the percentage you answered correctly, and a list of the cells that you misidentified.

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