Compass for Laboratories

CLIA requires that your laboratory assess the competency of laboratory and point of care testing personnel who perform nonwaived testing. It is also good laboratory practice to periodically assess the competency of all testing personnel, even on waived testing. Compass helps your laboratory administration and point of care coordinators deliver custom competency assessments to hundreds or thousands of employees, track their completion and corrective action, and present powerful reports for internal and accreditation audits.

Paperless Documentation

MediaLab's Compass offers your laboratory the opportunity to eliminate paper for tracking and storing competency assessment documentation while ensuring employees are in compliance with your competency program. Dashboards make tracking, and knowing who is coming due and when, easy to view at all times.
"Medialab's Compass is a robust and easy to implement product that helps immensely with compliance and competency. It has become an invaluable tool in the labs I have managed."
Lee S., Laboratory Director, Hospital & Health Care, 501-1000 employees

Demonstrate Compliance With CLIA Requirements

Compass provides a centralized solution to build competency assessments that include all six procedures, assign them to employees based on the testing that they perform, and collect completion data. No matter how employees are assessed -- online or offline -- their records are stored in one comprehensive collection, ready for easy auditing and reporting.
"My favorite thing about Medialab Compass is that you can designate which CLIA elements of performance a particular activity satisfies. I also like that it is self-service. My users can log on and manage their to-do list and make sure they have everything ready for their annual competency. As administrator, being able to run a report to see who has upcoming due dates at a glance is very valuable."
Joel B., Performance and Outreach Manager, Hospital & Health Care, 1001-5000 employees

Automated Assignments

You can finally upgrade from utilizing tedious spreadsheets and calendars to manage your competency assessments and employee statuses. Compass offers automated assignments for initial, six-month and annual assignments. Set up an employee with the testing they perform, select initial starting status and let MediaLab do the rest. Once an employee starts their competency journey, assignments will automatically populate in their profile when that assignment is coming due. System administrators can easily access competency status for their employees in real-time.
compass auto assignment
"I love the functionality and ease of use for the administrative role. We utilize the program for tracking competency checklists for individual users and as a tool for continuing education. Customization of MediaLab courses is valuable for non-US users (different requirements, etc.)."
Pam V., Quality Manager, Hospital & Health Care, 51-200 employees

Ready-To-Use & Custom Competency Profiles

MediaLab offers both ready-to-use competency assessment templates or custom competency profiles based on your current activities. Create custom competency profiles for each instrument, test, or platform in use. Competency profiles can include online courses, online checklists, procedure review, and review of quality control records, observations of instrument maintenance, and more. With the ability to create custom activities, you'll transform your paper-based processes into time-saving and standardized assessments. Making updates to your competency activities is easy, trackable, and will automatically apply to outstanding assignments.

Centralize Your Competency Process and Reports

Consolidate your employee assignments and competency activity records for easy tracking and retrieval. With our cloud-based platform, administrators can review their employee group members, view competency statuses for each, record observations, and more in one, streamlined system. Your competency records are available on-demand in our secure reporting portal. Inspections and internal audits are made simple with our robust reports and audit trails.
Dashboards and charts show you at a glance how your testing personnel are progressing on their competency assessments. Compare groups to each other, to see if one department is falling behind. Get alerted to approaching due dates by e-mail and on-screen notifications.