InspectionProof for Laboratories

MediaLab's Inspection Proof module helps laboratories be inspection-ready all the time. By uploading inspection checklists and providing responses in the web-based portal, there is no paper to maintain or documents to keep up. MediaLab's team of experts offers years of inspection experience. We've built the features your laboratory needs for inspections to run smoother and more efficiently.

Be Audit Ready All the Time

With InspectionProof, say goodbye to binders stuffed with checklists, standards, and out-of-date policies. InspectionProof digitizes your standards and checklists and stores your responses and evidence in the cloud. Upload attachments, link to policies and procedures in Document Control or your own document management system, and more.
"InspectionProof allowed us to get through last two inspections in great shape."
Michael K., Lab Manager, Hospital & Health Care, 11-50 employees

Compatible with CAP, ASHI, and Other Accreditation Agencies

Import checklists from a wide variety of accrediting organizations, including CAP and ASHI. InspectionProof accepts Excel and CSV checklists from almost all laboratory accrediting organizations.
"Our inspection went very smoothly. We set up 4 inspectors with desktop computers and access to MediaLab, and I think they handled 90% of the inspection that way. When I asked afterwards they said it was very smooth and easy to do once they got the hang of it. Thanks for all your help through our many years with MediaLab."
Lester R, UroPartners

Gather Inspection Responses From the Whole Team

Get buy-in and support from your entire team. InspectionProof allows you to assign tasks (individual standards or entire inspection events) to department heads, supervisors, QA, and other key team members. Preliminary responses go through approval workflows to get management approval before they're finalized. Bring in your responses from previous inspections to make getting started on the next year's faster and easier. Use templates to standardize your organization's responses across multiple facilities.
"InspectionProof is a MUST HAVE for any lab inspected by CAP"
Terri P., Microbiology/Phlebotomy Supervisor, Hospital & Health Care, 501-1000 employees

Reviewed and Approved Responses Available to All Inspection-Related Staff

InspectionProof helps you to organize all of your inspection checklist responses and documentation into a single location, available to inspectors and employees in your laboratory. Laboratory administration can review has the option to review responses before and during the inspection cycle. Dashboards show progress towards completion of checklist responses.
"InspectionProof is an enormous help with our inspections. We can just sit the inspectors down with a computer and this covers most our inspection because it is very easy for them to go through their checklist from there."
Kathy H., Manager, Hospital & Health Care, 11-50 employees

On-Site Inspections and Self Inspections

Inspection Proof can be used for both self-inspections and on-site inspections. Guide inspectors through the checklists and responses, show attachments and links, and prepare your team for a successful inspection.
inspection onsite self inspection

Dashboards, Notifications, and Reports

How ready are you for an inspection? InspectionProof lets you know. Continually updated dashboards keep tabs on your progress towards 100% inspection checklist preparation. Automated email reminders keep everyone in the loop.