Personnel Documentation for Laboratories

MediaLab's Personnel Documentation solution uses automation and organization to make employee file management streamlined. It's easy-to-use and cloud-based to make assigning, storing, and retrieving employee information and documentation a breeze. Find what you need, the moment you need it in our centralized repository. Role-based and user-defined program administrators will have complete access to your employees' electronic personnel files.

Meet CAP, Joint Commission, and CMS Requirements

Personnel Documentation from MediaLab helps your laboratory to meet CAP, Joint Commission, and CMSA requirements with an easy to use, straightforward system that shows exactly which users need to provide documentation, which users' haven't yet uploaded the necessary files, and how long it's been since that documentation was reviewed or updated.
personnel documentation meet requirements
"The MediaLab Personnel Documentation module has been very easy to use, with customizable document types and reports that capture all documentation that has been scanned into the system. It has been a great help and saved us time when preparing and performing our internal ISO 15189 audits. The Personnel Documentation Module has also made it easy to prepare for our upcoming on site CAP and ISO 15189 inspections. The easy-to-use system keeps all of our Employee Personnel Documentation in one central location."
Doreen Kreiner, M.T. (ASCP), Clinical Implementation Specialist, Lancaster General Hospital

Find Employee Information Fast

Personnel Documentation makes it simple to find what you're looking for, anytime, anywhere. We'll help you eliminate the time and aggravation of digging through packed filing cabinets and paper folders. Our reporting feature allows for quick searching and reporting of employee file documentation. Instantly review the documentation collected and approved, as well as what's still pending. You'll benefit from the automatic tracking of all required and renewable documents in each employee's file.
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"Not only does this software help our lab stay in compliance, it makes it so easy. New users are able to figure out how to navigate it with very little instruction, which makes them more eager to go back to it again and again. As an administrator, I can pull important information quickly to help me stay on top of matters before they fall through the cracks! Our management team likes the e-mail reminders, which frees us from micro-managing our employees. Staff from all levels appreciate its usefulness!"
Lisa D, Quality Manager, Hospital & Health Care, 51-200 employees

Store Personnel Files Safely and Securely

Instead of keeping paper-based documentation of employee file information in the laboratory, in employee health, and in HR, centralize your storage and eliminate the clutter and chaos! Create documentation requirements, assign your requirements based on your job roles, and allow administrators and employees to upload the right documentation online. Maintain all required documentation, organized by employee, employee group, and/or document type in one secure platform.
Personnel Documentation used state-of-the-art encryption, meeting HIPAA and NIST standards, to protect your information.
personnel documentation store safely

Administrative Review & Audit Readiness

Bring your department heads, managers, and shift supervisors into the documentation review process. Empower them to collect and review documentation for their employees and ensure that it's correct and up to date. Lab management has access to comprehensive reports, audit trails, and historical information. You'll collaborate more effectively by providing defined user roles for lab admins, along with more restrictive access to sensitive documents for non-laboratory departments such as HR and employee health.
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Make Sure Your Employees Meet CLIA's Requirements

CLIA details the education, training, and experience that your employees need to qualify as testing personnel, technical consultants, technical supervisors, and other roles. Personnel Documentation helps make sense of these complicated qualifications, tracking which requirements your employees already have documented and what additional material needs to be added.
personnel documentation clia 42 cfr subpart m

Export Rosters

Generate and export your laboratory's personnel roster any time, with the most up-to-date qualifications. Personnel Documentation generates roster files for CMS / CLIA, CAP, and the New York State Department of Health - Wadsworth Center.
Exported CMS / CLIA rosters exactly match the format required by these agencies — just have your lab director sign the first page!
Exported CAP rosters can include both laboratory personnel and non-laboratory POCT testing personnel that perform non-waived testing. Upload these exported rosters directly to the CAP website.
Exported Wadsworth rosters include all elements required by New York state and are inspection- and audit-ready any time.
personnel documentation export rosters