IQE for Laboratories

MediaLab's Intelligent Quality Engine (IQE) solution is designed to deliver powerful automation for laboratory non-conforming event management processes. IQE eliminates the need for paper-based, manual investigation and CAPA processes, while reducing cost and supporting the quality improvement program. IQE helps your laboratory follow corrective and preventive action standards as outlined by CAP, Joint Commission, ISO, and other accrediting bodies. You'll benefit from a streamlined approach that supports your regulatory compliance.

Manage NCEs / CAPAs Through Their Whole Lifecycle

Start by using our online form templates, or create your own. Allow employees to create events as problems arise. MediaLab will route your event through each phase of the event management lifecycle, from initial event description to risk analysis, closure, and change effectiveness evaluations.

Your Forms, Made Better

Your current processes and forms work beautifully in IQE. We'll show you how to create your own custom forms (non-conforming event, change control, failed PT investigations, and more) using our flexible form builder. Customize workflows, collaborations, approval requests, and reports. Take spreadsheets out of the picture and start enjoying the power of automation.

Intelligent Access Control

You can assign roles to individual users or to groups of users based on title, job description, or laboratory function. Users can see only what's need for their role. Get collaboration from other users without revealing all details of the event or follow-up.

Powerful Reporting for Tracking and Trending

Tracking and trending has never been easier. IQE's robust reporting and data engine allows you to control your event statuses, tracking/trending reports, dashboards, event retrieval, and more. Use standard reports or filter by user-defined criteria. View all events by type, location, date, and more. Your data is viewable in real-time, all the time. Export your data into PDF, PowerPoint and Excel reports for quality committee presentations.

A Key Part of Risk Management

Repeated non-conforming events and their subsequent investigation and mitigation cause avoidable risks and takes up time, especially without an automated system in place. IQE will help your laboratory monitor your important metrics with our real-time reports and dashboards. Follow-up tasks are scheduled, employees are notified, and processes are made efficient.

Integrated Across the MediaLab Quality Management Platform

Integrated into MediaLab's platform of quality software, IQE connects with our Document Control, InspectionProof, and Compliance & CE systems. Easily annotate changes to SOPs and policies and provide training updates to lab team members to fulfill change control requirements.