Why MediaLab?

Over four thousand healthcare facilities worldwide have chosen MediaLab to streamline and automate their quality systems processes, document management program, inspection readiness, competency assessments, and more. MediaLab strives to leverage our expertise and innovation to bring centralization, collaboration, and enhanced quality improvement performance to the facilities we serve.

Many Solutions, One Cloud-Based Platform

Work smarter, not harder, with seamless integration of our software solutions to boost synergy and efficiency. MediaLab allows you to build your quality management system in our cloud-hosted solution to give you the flexibility of connecting to your quality initiatives, leaders, and employees anywhere, any time. With no limit on your concurrent users, MediaLab can support all of your employees and their task progress simultaneously.

Specific for Healthcare

Our solutions are designed with the healthcare industry in mind. We've been serving healthcare facilities for over 20 years. Founded by Paul Fekete, MD, MediaLab has curated a team of quality-driven employees to support your implementation and utilization of our software in the healthcare setting.

Safe, Stable, and Secure

MediaLab's cloud-based platform runs on the world's leading data centers, with state-of-the-art security, redundancy, and scalability. Our infrastructure adapts to our ever-growing user base, and we serve healthcare facilities ranging from a few dozen employees to tens of thousands.
All data in MediaLab is stored with FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption standards, and encrypted in motion. We automatically maintain full audit logs for all user actions.
We know your operations are 24/7/365, and so are we. We have redundancy at every level, including georeplication and mirroring to multiple US-based data centers, so that MediaLab is always available. We deploy multiple levels of web-application firewalls, hardware firewalls, and intrusion detection to keep your data safe.

Unrivaled Client Support

As an industry where time is of the essence, you need to know that when questions arise, your employees are supported by people who are knowledgeable, efficient, and empathetic. MediaLab's support team boasts a 99% client satisfaction rating and is happy to take the time required to thoroughly answer questions, offer best practice advice, or address any a problem you're having.


MediaLab develops software solutions that are actually easy-to-use. We design our solution menus, page layouts and processes with the busy employee in mind. Our ultimate goal is always to keep our software as easy and efficient as possible, while giving you the customization that your organization needs for its unique processes. MediaLab provides customizable reports, to-do lists for every employee, and dashboards to easily generate the information you'll need, on-demand and 24/7.

Enterprise Standardization

MediaLab's software platform is designed to make multi-location integration simpler and easier. Whether you are a stand-alone facility or part of a large healthcare network, we have setup options that can accommodate your needs.


Take advantage of MediaLab's cloud-based architecture to make the most of your budget. MediaLab's solutions save thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars when compared with on-premises applications. And with MediaLab, there's no hardware to buy, servers to maintain, or risks associated with having your own IT infrastructure. Our professional team is dedicated to keeping your data safe.

Unlimited Storage and Scalability

MediaLab already serves over 4,000 healthcare organizations, large and small, over 400,000 active healthcare professionals, and hosts more than two million documents. Our infrastructure grows with user need, so you'll never worry about running out of capacity or storage.

Backups Are Easy, Complete, and Automatic

Unlike other software providers, MediaLab gives you full backups of all of your data: uploaded files, signatures, audit trails, reports, raw data — everything. Backups are available on an automatic weekly schedule or on demand, and we can deliver them directly to your organization's secure network. Backups contain standard file formats, not hard-to-use proprietary data. You can export everything from MediaLab for off-site backup, downtime availability, or to perform additional reporting on your data.