Case Simulators from MediaLab

Red Blood Cell Morphology Case Simulator

Twenty-five case studies using a virtual microscrope to identify hypochromasia, macrocytes, microcytes, Pappenheimer bodies, platelet clumps, polychromasia, shistocytes, sickle cells, spherocytes, target cells, teardrop cells, and more.

White Blood Cell Case Simulator

Twenty-five expert-reviewed differentials, each with 100 slide images. Cells include segmented neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, blasts, myelocytes, band neutrophils, nucleated red blood cells, eosinophils, metamyelocytes, basophils, reactive lymphocytes, and promyelocytes.

Advanced WBC Case Simulator

Twelve expert-reviewed differentials, each with 100 slide images, focusing on more advanced identification skills, including leukemias.

Body Fluid Case Simulator

Thirty peritoneal and pleural fluid expert-reviewed cases, each with images of hemocytometer, cytospin slides, unknown nucleated cell identification, cell count calculation exercises, and review videos.

Urinalysis Case Simulator

Thirty expert-reviewed cases, each with 50 slide images. Cases include casts, crystals, and more.