CLMA - Beyond Doing Things Right by Doing the Right Things

Anthony Kurec, MS,H(ASCP)DLM

CLMA Body of Knowledge Domains: Governance and Organizational Dynamics, Professional Development, Quality and Safety

Success in managing any business is dependent on good leadership. Many laboratorians have had many hours of technical training with respect to science and laboratory medicine, but may not have had opportunities to learn about managing and leading co-workers to success. Successful managers need to be strong leaders. To achieve this, individuals must be visionary, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and confident. Recognizing these traits within yourself and others is the first step to leadership. This breakout will offer some best practices in creating a leadership environment that appreciates and capitalizes on different personalities that can be brought together to form a successful and functional work team. Leadership requires learning and mastering certain management skills … team building, coaching, mentoring, communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, ethics, and professional development. Participants will learn some of these fundamental concepts and skills that can be immediately implemented in their workplace, thus preparing them to become a leader in meeting tomorrow’s challenges.

Continuing Education Credits


  • Learn what seven leadership methods must be mastered
  • Learn about empowering yourself and others
  • Utilize the seven steps to problem solving

Course Outline

  • Leadership Developing Skills Video
      • Leadership Developing Skills Video
  • B201 - Anthony Kurec - Leadership Developing Skills
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