CLMA - Importance of Clinical Information for Optimal Genetic Test Selection and Interpretation

Chris Miller, MS, LCGC

CLMA Body of Knowlege Domains: Compliance Management, Quality and Safety, Medical Decision Support

Ms. Miller, a licensed certified genetic counselor specializing in molecular genetics, provides an overview of the clinical information necessary for genetic test order review and proper result interpretation. She also reviews the outcome of a 21-month study of molecular genetic test orders at ARUP Laboratories and several examples of common genetic test order errors.

Continuing Education Credits

  • P.A.C.E Contact Hours (CLMA): 1 hour(s)


  • Understand the relevance of clinical information for genetic testing
  • Appreciate the clinical and financial importance of pre-analytical genetic test review
  • Appreciate the significance of clinical information in genetic test interpretation
  • Understand the role genetic counselors can play in the pre and post analytical test review

Course Outline

  • Importance of Clinical Information Video
      • Importance of Clinical Information Video
  • Imp of Clin info for Optimal Test Interp 12 2 14 pptx
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