CLMA - Leadership Development: A Core Competency for Every Laboratory Manager

Calvin Guyer

CLMA Body of Knowledge Domains: Human Resources, Professional Development, Quality and Safety

Study after study has shown that succession planning, and by extension leadership development, is among the greatest weakness of most organizations. The healthcare sector is in a war for top talent. You are competing with higher paying positions in the business and government sectors. This presentation will provide insight into how to get the right people on the bus in the right seats on the bus so that your organization can attain its full potential in the marketplace.

Continuing Education Credits


  • Describe one methodology, comprised of three distinct archetypes, to identify high potential leaders from your internal candidates
  • Analyze a framework for an intentional leadership development program focused on existing internal talent
  • Incorporate a few simple ideas to increase employee engagement, develop emotional intelligence, and cultivate your talent pipeline

Course Outline

  • Leadership Development - A Core Competency for Every Laboratory
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