Document Control for Hospitals

MediaLab’s Document Control is a powerful way to manage your organization’s policies, procedures, and documentation. Your hospital will be audit-ready by leveraging a single platform for all documents which can easily be retrieved. Our system eliminates the need to track down signatures, allows fast access for employee document viewing, and reports on your document metadata in seconds during audits.

Power-Up Your Documents

If you’ve been managing a paper-based or SharePoint process and are ready to take your documents to the next level, Document Control provides the convenience, flexibility, and power that you’ve been missing.
"We have been transitioning from an older system using word documents kept in a secure drive. MediaLab has offered the ability to collaborate on document revisions, securely track document changes, and feel more assured that only the most current version of each document is in use. We can also see at-a-glance what documents exist as approved, in-review or needing update and can see usage reports to know which are most valuable. The system also allows for remote access, which is essential to making it available wherever you are that has internet connectivity."
Zane A., San Francisco General Hospital

Make Compliance Easy

Joint Commission, CMS, FDA, EPA, ISO, 21 CFR Part 11. Document Control helps you meet them all.
It's taken away a lot of stress related to document management and a lot of manual processes.
Beth Harubin, Tufts Medical Center

Staff Satisfaction

Since MediaLab provides an easy-to-use, centralized location for your documentation and management processes, your staff will find the policies and procedures they need in seconds.
"I have used several Document Management systems. This is by far the easiest to use. It meets all our regulatory requirements. The support in both setting up the system and ongoing has been wonderful. We have been so pleased with the Document Management system and are now adding on additional programs, such as Compass and Inspection Proof."
Kris A., St. Mary's Hospital

Safe, Reliable, Secure

Our platforms are cloud-based, eliminating the need for local IT resources, hosting, or server space.
"MediaLab DC has been GREAT! We went from using an extremely buggy and unreliable SharePoint document control system to one that is seamless to use with excellent tracking capabilities, easy to upload, update and manage documents."
Amer A., UF Health

Enterprise and Integration

Whether you’re a single entity or a multi-site network, we have the right Document Control solution for you. MediaLab makes integration and standardization easy.