Secure Backups

No Installation Necessary

Document Control is hosted by MediaLab on our secure servers. There’s no software to install on your local network and no local IT support needed.

24/7/365 Access from Any Computer

Document Control is available over the Internet to authorized individuals. Users can access Document Control from any workstation, day or night, to view documents or complete signoffs.

Full Electronic Backups

Generate a complete backup of your Document Control account at any time. Each backup contains all versions of each document, as well as all historical information, including lab director approvals, periodic reviews, employee signoffs, controlled copy records, manual contents, and more. Backups are saved to your local computer and accessible even without an Internet connection.

Document Control also creates a weekly backup of all your information, automatically. Designate individuals who are responsible for downloading weekly backups, and Document Control will remind them each week (and notify you if they don’t download the backups).

Paper Backups

Sometimes, you still want a paper backup of your key policies and procedures. Document Control can print and track paper copies of documents and associated history, including key signatures. Print manuals for offline reference or storage at any time.

Proven Record of Reliability

MediaLab was founded in 1995 and has been offering online products since 2001. Under our own brand name, as well as in partnership with major regulatory and professional organizations, MediaLab provides online solutions to over 1,500 laboratories.