Enterprise Integration

MediaLab's platform integrates with many of your organization's existing systems, sharing data as needed to give you more capability.

Single Sign-on

MediaLab integrates with your federated identity provider (Active Directory or any SAML 2.0 provider) to allow your employees to seamlessly access MediaLab without another username and password. Federated identity syncs with your organization's security requirements (password strength, employee lock-out, multi-factor authentication), ensuring consistent, robust security.
Establishing a single sign-on connection with MediaLab requires less than an hour of set-up time with your IT department. We'll test the connection and migrate it into our live environment. Once the connection is established, your users will no longer have a MediaLab username and password. Instead, they'll receive a special link in e-mails set from MediaLab and located on your organization's Intranet. When clicking the link, your organization will check the user's identity, and once verified, provide that information to MediaLab to log that user in automatically.
When your organization removes an employee's ability to log in, that employee will also be automatically prevented from logging in to MediaLab.
MediaLab charges a nominal annual fee for single sign-on integration.

HR Integration

MediaLab can import new employees, name changes, and deactivation from your HR system, keeping our platform in sync with your evolving roster. MediaLab can automatically assign policy and procedure review, education and training, and competency assessments to your new hires or to employees that change job roles.
Once an HR link is established, your MediaLab user list will automatically update to reflect any changes in your HR system, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date roster at all times.
HR integration is available with most major HR systems, including Lawson, Workday, and PeopleSoft. MediaLab can communicate with an API provided by your HR system, or we can retrieve a spreadsheet file (daily or weekly) that includes the employee changes.
Integrating with your HR system depends on the capabilities provided by the HR system and your IT's policies.
MediaLab charges a nominal annual fee for HR integration. Contact sales@medialab.com for more information.

Middleware Integration

Transfer competency assessment data into your POCT instrumentation middleware. Automatically log employee competency completions or lock out employees that haven't met their competency requirements.
Establishing a connection to your POCT instrumentation middleware helps all systems to stay in sync and ensures that your operators are not performing testing if their competency assessment is past due.
Telcor and RALS provide API and spreadsheet mechanisms that MediaLab can use to report operator competency data and automatically authorize, update, or remove operator access. MediaLab will schedule a call with your IT team to obtain the appropriate permissions to write the necessary files to the integration point on your network.
MediaLab does not charge a fee for middleware integration. Contact sales@medialab.com for more information.