Enterprise Standardization and Sharing

MediaLab's platform helps your organization support your standardization initiatives and cross-site collaboration. Take advantage of our extensive expertise and understanding of healthcare accreditation requirements, proven quality systems methodologies, and over two decades of SaaS experience.

One Platform, No Limits

One username and password (or single-signon link) connects your employees to policies & procedures, training and education, competency assessment, inspection readiness, personnel documentation, and non-conforming event management. There's no limit on how many employees can be logged in at once.

Document Standardization and Sharing

Use Document Control to create and distribute standardized policies, SOPs, forms and more. Share your documentation with ease to all facilities that require access. Editing and approval workflows are fully customizable to include the appropriate corporate and site-level administrators for streamlined collaboration. Approve and review policies system-wide and make sure your sub-units are in sync.

Standardized Training and Education

With Compliance & CE, build training courses to educate all employees on system-wide initiatives, new policies, new equipment, customer service and HR skills, unified safety training, and much more.

Unified Competency Assessments

POCT Compass delivers standardized competency assessments for all employees by job description, helping ensure your employees are assessed equally across all locations, that all competency assessments meet CLIA requirements, and that employees are cross-trained as needed.

Inspection Preparation

InspectionProof lets your different sub-units collaborate on inspection readiness, seeing how their same-organization peers are addressing accreditation requirements and importing / sharing standardized documentation as needed.

Shared Personnel Files

Use Personnel Documentation to keep diplomas, transcripts, job descriptions, education verification, and other key personnel documents in a standardized repository, where they can be accessed by HR and sub-units as required to meet accreditation standards.