NSH + LabCE Histology Exam Simulator

The ASCP Board of Certification HT & HTL exams are challenging and require thoughtful preparation. LabCE and the National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) have partnered to create the premier tool for histology certification exam preparation. NSH + LabCE's Histology Exam Simulator includes HT and HTL practice tests and materials to help you prepare for the ASCP exam.

Over 2,000 Study Questions

NSH + LabCE's Histology Exam Simulator for includes over 2,000 questions in all major histology subject areas. Many questions include illustrations and images. Take a ten-question preview of the Histology Exam Simulator to see what kinds of questions are included.

Developed in Collaboration with the Experts from NSH

The NSH + LabCE Histology Exam Simulator is authored, peer-reviewed, and updated by expert histology educators and histology professionals.

Feedback on all Questions

Each question includes detailed feedback that explains the correct and incorrect answers, so you can learn as you practice.

ASCP Practice Tests

The NSH + LabCE Histology Exam Simulator delivers practice tests that follow the content of the ASCP exam, with the appropriate breakdown of questions by subject matter. Questions for the ASCP practice tests are chosen at random, giving you virtually unlimited opportunity to review.

Includes Both HT and HTL Level Materials

The NSH + LabCE Histology Exam Simulator is ideal for both the histotechnician (HT) and histotechnologist (HTL) level exams. Practice tests and review questions are customized so that you will see questions of appropriate difficulty.

Education Program Directors: Flexible Purchasing Options Available

Let students purchase their own access to the NSH + LabCE Histology Exam Simulator, or get a group discount if your organization purchases several seats on behalf of your students. Either way, you'll be able to access all tracking and reporting features. Subscriptions are for a full year.

Benefits for Program Directors

  • Help increase program performance with more preparation for the ASCP certification exam.
  • Identify subject areas for targeted remediation before course finals and ASCP exam.
  • Assign your students exams based on what they should be studying.
  • Track the progress of your students with online access to detailed reports and scores.
  • Review students' performance on practice tests that use exam categories and question topics modeled after the actual certification exams.
  • Deliver subject-specific exam review in fixation, processing/embedding, microtomy, staining, and laboratory operations.
  • Allow students to purchase subscriptions individually, or purchase a group subscription for your program or laboratory.
  • Add on to a MediaLab subscription, so you and your students / employees can access both MediaLab courses and the NSH + LabCE Histology Exam Simulator with the same username and password.
Get a quote or contact our sales department at (877) 776-8460 to set up a subscription for your program / laboratory. Individuals can subscribe to the Histology Exam Simulator online and get instant access.

Customize Review

Let your students spend more time on the questions that are more challenging for them. Focus on tricky or frequently missed questions to help them optimize their study.

Wide Variety of Subject Matter

Questions cover all major histology subject areas, including fixation, processing/embedding, microtomy, staining, and laboratory operations.

Track Progress Over Time

Charts and graphs help to show how your students' Histology Exam Simulator results improve over time. You and your students can see progress by subject area and overall score.

Compare Progress to Other Students

Identify subject areas in which your students are stronger or weaker than other students that are using the NSH + LabCE Histology Exam Simulator. See how their scores stack up to other users.


Important: LabCE, MediaLab, and NSH do not warrant or guarantee that you will pass your ASCP exam as a result of using this exam simulator system. This exam simulator is not an exact copy of the ASCP exam. Questions presented in this exam simulator may differ substantially from those you may see on the actual examination. The actual exam may cover material that is not covered by LabCE and MediaLab. Adequate preparation for HT/HTL exams should include a variety of resources from many different providers. The Histology Exam Simulator is not officially endorsed or supported by ASCP or any organization other than LabCE and MediaLab.
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