Gather Inspection Checklist Responses

InspectionProof helps you to organize all of your inspection checklist responses and documentation into a single location, available to inspectors and employees in your laboratory.

Upload Your CAP Checklists

Upload your inspection checklists, customized for your lab, directly into InspectionProof. Your checklists are automatically parsed into inspection events in InspectionProof and tied to key due dates.

Part of CAP's Accreditation Checklist Distribution Program

MediaLab is an approved participant in CAP's Accreditation Checklist Distribution Program. If your laboratory is CAP-accredited, you can upload your lab's custom checklists into InspectionProof for on-site and self inspections. As checklist versions are updated, you'll get a report of all changes relevant to your customized checklists.

Support Multiple Lab Units / Sites

Create inspection events for different locations or satellite laboratories, all in a single system. Each unit / site can establish its own inspections, work from its own checklists, and borrow documentation and responses as needed.

Prepare Responses to Checklist Items

Respond to checklist items with relevant information to help during an inspection.

Text responses - A rich text editor, with formatting, tables, bulleted lists, images, and spell check, lets you enter responses of any length.

Links to Document Control - Connect checklist items with policies, procedures, forms, and job aids in MediaLab's Document Control system.

Uploaded files - Upload Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, and image files to show compliance with checklist requirements. View files online without needing downloading them.

Print Paper Copies of Inspection Materials

Want to keep a hard copy? Export your InspectionProof materials, including text responses, uploaded files, and Document Control policies and procedures, into PDF files for easy reference and printing.