InspectionProof : Delegate Inspection Preparation Tasks

Preparing for an inspection involves all areas of the laboratory. Delegate tasks and get input from department heads, supervisors, lead techs, and other employees.

Delegate Inspection Preparation

Get help from the people who know your lab best. Assign whole checklists and individual checklist tasks to department heads, supervisors, lead techs, and others. Review their input to make sure that it meets your standards.

Solicit and Document Employee Feedback

Collect input from your bench techs or any other user as you're completing checklist responses. E-mail users from within InspectionProof; their replies are automatically documented.

Send Checklist Responses for Approval

Want to make sure that key individuals in your organization have reviewed and approved your checklist item responses? It's easy with InspectionProof. Set up permissions with just a few clicks, and checklist tasks will be routed to the appropriate individuals.

Inspection Information is Available to All Employees

Everyone in your laboratory has a stake in continually meeting checklist requirements, day after day. InspectionProof gives your employees a quick reference for how your lab meets checklist requirements.