IQE - CAPA: Customizable

You can easily customize IQE to your laboratory's exact needs. IQE's powerful form builder lets you create unlimited variety in your forms and form fields, and IQE's reporting allows you to search, filter, graph, and drill down on any of these customizations.

Template Forms Ready to Use

IQE comes with several forms ready for your use and customization, including an ISO-based laboratory non-conforming events form, a PT failure investigation form, and a customer feedback resolution form. All these forms can be customized to your lab's exact needs: add, change, or remove any fields so that it matches your lab's processes.

Build Your Own Forms

IQE lets you build your own custom forms, with as many fields for text, answer choices, file attachments, signatures, and collaboration as you like. Customize display conditions to display additional questions and answer choices based on user responses.

Create and Save Reports

Build comprehensive, detailed reports that get you the intelligence you need. Include any fields in your report and automatically generate charts and graphs from your data. Filter events by one or more criteria to create custom views of your event history, find trends, and isolate problems.