IQE - CAPA: Paperless

IQE is a completely paperless solution for non-conforming event resolution. Cloud-based, Internet accessible forms capture details of the event, risk assessment, investigation, and corrective action.

Online Forms

IQE's powerful, flexible online forms are a vast improvement over paper. They can change on the fly, presenting new questions and fields based on user feedback. No need to copy over what someone has recorded on paper.

Available for the Whole Lab

All your laboratory employees can take advantage of IQE's online forms to start recording events and provide initial description. These events are then handed off to owners (quality personnel, supervisors) for further progress through the CAPA lifecycle. Details are then hidden from your regular users, unless they have specific permissions to view events.

Access from Tablets and Smartphones

IQE isn't tied to the computer. Its interface automatically adjusts to tablets and smartphones, so you can record events and collaborate on description and investigation from any convenient device, with no software needed.

PDF and Export Options

IQE can generate PDF copies of your forms and events for archival purposes, as well as PDF copies of your reports that can be downloaded to your computer or saved within IQE for future review. IQE also exports Excel spreadsheets of your reports, so you can do additional reporting and searching in Excel.

Still Want Paper?

Need a paper copy of a blank form? Want to print out an event or a report for review during a staff meeting? IQE prints out high-quality copies of your forms, events, and reports.