IQE - CAPA: Reports

IQE generates detailed reports with charts and graphs to help you discover important information.

View Events

View all the details of your event in a clean, friendly interface that's ideal on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. See who's filled in form fields and get a history of changes.

Audit Trails and History on Every View and Change

IQE keeps track of every event view and every change. You have a full audit trail of all user activity to see exactly how your users are interacting with your events.

Version Control on Forms

See how your forms change over time. As modifications are needed, MediaLab automatically keeps track of previous versions of the form, so you can see the form just as it was when your users filled out events. Users work from forms that have been approved by your lab director, quality manage, or other key personnel.

Customizable Reports

IQE comes with several out-of-the-box reports for our template forms, but you have full control to customize and save your reports to see exactly the data you need. Automatically include summary tables, charts, and graphs of your data. Filter and drill-down into data by multiple dimensions to isolate trends and problems.