IQE - CAPA: Roles

IQE's flexible role-driven permission system gives users just the access they need and nothing they don't.

Roles for Individuals and Groups

You can assign roles to individual users or to groups of users based on title, job description, or laboratory function.

Administrator Roles

Select users who can create and edit forms, who can start events for which forms, and who can own events for which forms. Limit administrative access to just a handful of users, or let each department supervisor manage their own non-conforming events.

Available for the Whole Lab

Let all your users have some access to IQE. They can start reporting on events that they encounter and provide the initial description. Events are then handed off to event owners, who complete the CAPA lifecycle for each event.

Event Ownership

Event owners are responsible for guiding non-conforming events through the CAPA lifecycle of description, risk assessment, investigation, corrective & preventive action, and evaluation of effectiveness. They can request collaboration and feedback from other users, allowing everyone to contribute to continuous quality improvement.

Electronic Signatures

Get 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic signatures on your event. You can request signatures at any point in the CAPA lifecycle and from any user.