Document Life Cycle

Document Control tracks your documents through their entire life cycle, from creation to edits to approvals to retirement, in compliance with CAP, CLIA, Joint Commission, and ISO standards. See the current status of any of your documents at any time. Assign roles so that documents are automatically routed to appropriate employees at appropriate times. Reports and e-mail reminders keep your and your employees in the loop.

Write and Edit Documents

Upload your existing Word, Excel, and PDF files, or write your documents online. Make changes online, without downloading your documents. Track changes made by each user, and see an audit trail of all revisions.

Approval Process

Customize approval processes for your organization and for different department to collect all necessary signatures before a document is approved. Ensure that your lab director signs off on all policies and procedures.

Performing Employee Signoff

Performing employees (med techs, phlebotomists, point-of-care) are notified when policies and procedures relevant to them are updated. Performing employees must acknowledge their understanding of all relevant documents. View reports that show who has or hasn't signed off yet.

Periodic (Annual or Biennial) Review

Documents must be reviewed every two years to determine if they're still accurate. Document Control notifies appropriate individuals ahead of the review due date. Your document master index, with upcoming review dates, is automatically kept up-to-date.

Major and Minor Revisions

Document Control tracks major revisions to documents as well as minor revisions (typographical changes, fixing typos). Customize your approval process for different kinds of revisions.

Retire & Archive Old Versions

Previous versions of documents as well as retired policies and procedures are retained in Document Control for as long as required. Authorized users can view old documents and associated reports.