Paperless Documentation

A Complete History with One Click

You have a complete audit trail of all changes to documents, manuals, and controlled copies. See which users have performed what actions. All activity in Document Control is logged - not just approvals and signoffs, but also printing, edits, downloads, reorganization and more.

No More Chasing Down Employee Signatures

See which employees haven't signed off on required policies and procedures with customizable reports. Send e-mail reminders to employees that have outstanding requirements with a single click.

Continuously Updated Master Index

Regulatory agencies require that you maintain a master index of your documents, including the date of last approval and last review. Document Control maintains this index automatically.

Write Documents Online

For a completely paperless solution, write documents online. These documents can be edited directly from a web browser without the need for downloading and uploading files. They can be accessed anywhere at any time. Documents written online can also be created with predetermined elements from a document template. Document templates can be created with suggested CAP and CLSI elements.

Custom Approval Process

CLIA regulations require that the lab director approve all new documents and major revisions. Your organization may also require approval from administrative directors, section heads, or QA. Capture all these signatures in one online system, with e-mail notifications to appropriate users.

Easy Version Numbers

All documents should be uniquely identified so they can be tracked, even if their titles change. Document Control automatically provides unique identification numbers for all your documents and subsequent revisions, or you can use your own custom numbering system.

Clerical User Access

If you have clerical employees who help you manage your existing documents, you can grant them similar access to MediaLab's Document Control. Clerical employees can load documents, print controlled copies, and view reports, but need authorization from supervisors or lab directors.