Stay In Compliance

Meet CAP, Joint Commission, CLIA, and ISO 15189 Standards

Document Control helps you meet regulatory and accreditation requirements at every phase of the document control process:

Phase Features Provided By MediaLab Document Control

  • Edit documents in native file formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, PDF)
  • Collaboratively edit documents online
  • Track edits and revisions to documents (with editor's name and time stamp)
  • Identify documents with automatically assigned, customizable document numbers
  • Identify each version of each document with automatically assigned version numbers
  • Send documents to supervisors / committees / employees for review and feedback
  • Write documents with custom templates
  • Automatically add custom headers to all documents
  • Scan / import existing documents from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and PDF
  • Link related documents for easy reference

Implementation &
Review / Revision
  • Use personalized "to-Do" list to keep track of current and upcoming tasks, including approvals, revisions, employee signoff, periodic review, and more.
  • Automatically e-mail users when tasks are added to the "to-do" list
  • Create workflows for revisions and approvals
  • Automatically update document master list with new approval and revision dates
  • Automatically update document cover sheets and signature blocks with electronic signatures
  • Link documents to training tasks and competency assessments
  • Automatically notify affected users where new documents are approved or existing documents are updated

  • Automatically archive old / retired documents
  • Prevent regular employees from accessing old / retired documents
  • Provide access to obsolete revisions for authorized administrative users

Help Address 21 CFR Part 11 Requirements

Some areas of the laboratory may need to meet 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for electronic signatures. See how Document Control addresses 21 CFR Part 11 requirements »

Help Address ISO 15189 Standards

ISO 15189 is a comprehensive standard that touches on all areas of the laboratory. See how Document Control addresses ISO 15189 standards »

Automatic Prompting for Approvals and Periodic Reviews

Have you ever discovered a procedure that should have been reviewed months ago? Don't let them fall through the cracks. Document Control automatically notifies appropriate personnel of documents that need to be reviewed and updated. All required signatures, such as the lab director's approval, and other history are retained indefinitely.

Ensure Employee Compliance

According to regulatory requirements, all employees that perform a procedure must sign off that they have read and understood it. Collect and stores these signoffs automatically and present them to an inspector at any time. See which employees haven't signed off before inspection time.

Documentation Always Available

Current and previous versions of your documents, approval signatures, review history, employee signoffs, master indexes, controlled copy logs, and all other associated history, is available at any time, ready for inspection.

Major and Minor Revisions

Follow all major revisions to policies and procedures through the document life cycle, from editing to lab director approval to employee signoff. Make minor revisions (such as spelling corrections) to your documents without requiring new signatures, as allowed by CAP.

Temporary Inspector Access

Grant temporary access for inspectors to Document Control so that they can review documents and records online. No need to print stacks of paper!