Learning Management for Healthcare

MediaLab's Compliance & CE is a complete learning management system (LMS) for your organization. Our longstanding reputation as a leading provider of quality continuing education and compliance courses makes MediaLab the trusted industry source for more than 3,000 laboratories. Our robust LMS offers an affordable, cloud-based platform that's easy to access and administrate. We provide the tools you need to create, deliver, and track safety and compliance training, continuing education, and custom courses for all of your organization's required and self-directed learning needs.

Streamline Training, Continuing Education, and Professional Development Programs into One Centralized Location

Replace instructor-led training and paper-based courses with customized, online, self-grading courses that let you deliver, track, and document all of your compliance and safety training in one cloud-based system.

Build Your Own Courses and Deliver Everything in One Solution

CourseBuilder is a powerful tool that lets you completely customize Compliance & CE courses or build your own courses quickly and easily. Build unlimited, customized courses that suit your laboratory's exact needs.
If you've ever used Word or PowerPoint, you can create custom, professional courses. You don't need to be an experienced instructional designer in order to create quality, informative courses with CourseBuilder. There are no complicated menus or interaction specifications, and no coding is required. You can even convert your existing PowerPoint files into online courses.