Mandatory Annual HR Courses for Healthcare Professionals

Important Annual Training Courses Designed for Healthcare Settings

The Mandatory Annual HR Courses package is an excellent tool to educate your healthcare staff while reducing your healthcare facility's liability in precarious areas such as sexual harassment and ethical behaviors. Comply with government mandates for employee training with one easy-to-use, easy-to-access system.

Covers a Wide Range of Key Topics for Healthcare Professionals

MediaLab's Mandatory Annual HR Courses package is designed to provide relevant and current information necessary for compliance and continuing education purposes. All these courses are available for one low-priced annual subscription.

Included Courses

Relevant Course Material

MediaLab's Mandatory Annual HR courses cover in-demand topics targeting healthcare-specific scenarios and situations for optimal employee comprehension.

Stay Up-to-Date

MediaLab's qualified staff members review course content regularly to ensure you'll meet training requirements year after year. Updated guidelines, recommendations, and scenarios keep our courses current and timely.

Purchase Separately or as an Add-on

Purchase the number of users that's right for you. You can purchase our Mandatory Annual HR Courses package by itself or as an add-on to Compliance & CE, Document Control, or any other MediaLab solution.

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Get Started In Minutes

It's easy to get started with the Mandatory Annual HR Courses suite. Your subscription is configured and ready to go in minutes. Upload a list of employees (or use the same employee list as your Compliance & CE, Document Control, or InspectionProof subscription), and access is available to them immediately. Add more employees at any time. Mandatory Annual HR Courses is fully integrated with all of MediaLab's suite of applications, so employees can use their login information to access both systems.

No Software to Install or Maintain

Mandatory Annual HR Courses is hosted by MediaLab's secure servers, so there's no support needed from your organization's IT department. No software is required to be installed on your organization's computers. You'll always have access to the most up-to-date version of the Mandatory Annual HR Courses.

Personalized Access

Each employee receives his or her own username and password to access course material and administrator features. There's no confusion over shared access.

24/7/365 Availability

Mandatory Annual HR Courses is available any time, day or night, from any Internet-connected computer. It's perfect for second and third-shift workers who otherwise wouldn't have access to daytime training and in-services. Employees can even log in from home.

Share Administrative Duties

Share reporting and employee management features with other users in your organization. Organize your employees into groups to give limited access to department supervisors, section heads, and clerical personnel.

Interruptions? No Problem

Sometimes, employees only have a few minutes to spend on learning while completing other tasks in the laboratory. The Mandatory Annual HR Courses system bookmarks employees' progress, so employees can stop and re-start at any time, from any Internet-connected computer.

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Powerful Reports to Prove Employee Training

Get the information you need to monitor and prove employee training, quickly and easily. See which employees have outstanding assignments. View CE transcripts and certificates of completion. View detailed information for graded questions, so you can identify employee strengths and weaknesses.

Automatic Record Keeping

No exams to grade or papers to lose! Mandatory Annual HR Courses provides consistent, thorough, and automatic training that simplifies your required safety training process and reduces the time that you and your employees spend on recordkeeping and maintenance tasks.

Never Lose Records

During an inspection, you may be required to prove employee training from current and prior years.Mandatory Annual HR Courses maintain a complete history of training documentation, even for employees that have left your organization. All training records are stored indefinitely.

Real-Time Tracking

See employee results as soon as they're completed. Reports for Mandatory Annual HR Courses update in real time to give you an up-to-date picture of safety training and continuing education progress.

Print and Export Documentation

All documentation can be exported into PDF or Excel formats for backup and archival purposes. Documentation can also be printed for inclusion in employee personnel files.

Share Tracking and Documentation Features

Give department supervisors, section heads, QA, HR, and other personnel the ability to view and print results for relevant employees. Complete or limited administrative access can be shared with as many users as you like.

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Build Your Own Custom Courses

CourseBuilder is a powerful tool that lets you completely customize Compliance & CE courses or build your own courses quickly and easily. Build unlimited, customized courses that suit your laboratory's exact needs.

Included with the Mandatory Annual HR Courses

As a subscriber to Mandatory Annual HR Courses, you have full access to CourseBuilder for the duration of your subscription. Customize and create as many courses as you like for no additional charge.


If you've ever used Word or PowerPoint, you can create custom, professional courses. You don't need to be an experienced instructional designer in order to create quality, informative courses with CourseBuilder. There are no complicated menus or interaction specifications, and no coding is required. You can even convert your existing PowerPoint files into online courses.

Replace Instructor-Led and Paper-Based Training

Quickly replace your current instructor-led training and paper-based courses with customized online courses. You can easily update your customized online courses, monitor employee progress, and generate detailed reports. Build courses for annual competency, policy review, new procedure training, and more.

Customize Mandatory Annual HR Courses to Fit Your Needs

Personalize MediaLab's Mandatory Annual HR Courses with your own custom content, such as key phone numbers, action steps, safety personnel, and your own policies and procedures. Add or remove reading material, quiz questions, and downloadable references.

Convert PowerPoint Files into Online Courses

Many organizations already have a wealth of training materials created in Microsoft PowerPoint, but no way to deliver this training to students or track its completion. With CourseBuilder, you can upload your organization's PowerPoints and convert them to online courses in less than a minute. Now, you can deliver all of your training in one system, see reports for all training activity, and provide a convenient "one-stop-shop" for all of your organization's training needs.

Add Rich, Informative Content, Questions, and Multimedia

Add multimedia content to your courses, including images, downloadable files, video, audio narration, and Flash animation. CourseBuilder lets you build courses with any or all of the following:

  • Content and question pages with images and downloadable files
  • Pretest questions (with the ability to customize content based on pretest responses)
  • Post-test exam questions
  • Graded and ungraded questions
  • Multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, drag-and-drop, put in order, and essay-style questions
  • Video and audio content
  • Flash animation files
  • Links to your intranet
  • PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files
  • Tables and charts
  • HTML support for designers
  • Links to Document Control policies and procedures

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Safety and continuing education courses available 24/7/365 to all of your employees

laboratory learning management system tracking
Detailed reports, continuously updated, show your employees' progress

osha safety laboratory custom customized
Quickly build custom courses with CourseBuilder, an easy-to-use online tool

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Create content pages and graded questions, and upload Word, PDF, PowerPoint, images, and more