Administrator survey results

Back in November, we asked for your feedback about MediaLab. Over 200 of you responded to our survey. We sincerely appreciate your feedback! This e-mail will summarize a few themes and suggestions that came out of that survey.

Of those who completed the administrator survey, 99% said they would recommend MediaLab to a colleague. And 95% of respondents said they were "very satisfied" with MediaLab.

Respondents said they feel MediaLab is a good value for the number of courses included. CourseBuilder and the administrator interface are easy-to-use, and MediaLab helps to reduce paperwork for both employees and administrators. Some MLT programs reported that the percentage of their students passing the registry has significantly increased since implementing MediaLab.

Respondents also said that their employees respond positively to MediaLab. Ease of use, convenience, cost savings, and the flexibility to complete courses over the Internet and from home were the most frequently mentioned advantages for employees.

Administrators also had a number of suggestions for improvement. We take these suggestions seriously, and we'll address as many as we can in 2009.

Some respondents indicated that they feel certain courses are too long. We'll be breaking up some of our longer titles, such as Phlebotomy, into smaller, more focused courses as we update them in 2009. For new courses, we'll aim for an average completion time of one hour (1 ASCLS P.A.C.E. credit).

Respondents also indicated the need for new courses, especially in the areas of chemistry, serology, microbiology, and supervisor-level courses. In 2009 and beyond, we have committed to adding at least ten new courses per year to MediaLab. We're working closely with a number of laboratory educators and authors to develop courses. If you're interested in authoring courses for MediaLab, please visit If you've already built courses for your employees through CourseBuilder, we may be able to work with you to publish these courses for all users. Contact us at

Respondents also expressed the continually need for new courses, so that employees can fulfill recurring requirements for AMT, ASCP, and state license renewal. Most of these programs require CE to be completed every two or three years. Since MediaLab has committed to releasing at least ten new courses per year, your employees will have access to 20 to 30 new courses before they need to renew their licenses again.

We'll also be adding new features to the MediaLab administrator interface, including better reports, customizable CE transcripts, and online tracking of CE hours earned outside MediaLab.

Recently, we've added the ability to add continuing education hours to custom courses. We've also improved the organization of courses, so that you can develop your own customized curricula for your employees.

We sincerely appreciate your feedback, whether through our online survey or communicated directly to us at (877) 776-8460 or Your support of MediaLab has helped us to grow tremendously over the years, and with your continued support, we'll be able to serve you better in 2009 and beyond.

Published on 12/29/2008 12:19:07 PM.

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