Trouble logging in? Please read these notes on system updates.

We've recently made several updates and improvements to the MediaLab system. These updates will make your administrator and student profiles easier to manage. Because of these updates, your username and password to log in to MediaLab may have changed.

What's Changed?

We've changed the terminology in our system – "students" are now called "users." This term is more generic and will address a wider range of facilities that are using MediaLab.

All users of your system now have a user profile and will be displayed when you click "View All Users." This includes users that were previously only administrators.

Administrator usernames and passwords can now be used for taking courses and for accessing administration features. Previously, you may have had a different "student" username and password to log in to take courses. Now, you will use one username and password for both.

Administrators can move back and forth between taking courses and using administration features without having to log out and log back in again. Look for links labeled "My Courses" and "Administration" in the upper-right corner of the MediaLab system.

You can promote an existing user to be an administrator. The promoted user will use his or her existing username and password to take courses and to access administrator features. You can have as many administrators as you like for no extra charge.

Administrators that can take courses will count towards your user limit. Administrators that cannot take courses will not count towards your user limit. You can select which users can and cannot access courses from the "User Report" page under the "Users" tab.

Inactive users will not count towards your user limit, but they cannot access courses or administration features. You can deactivate users by clicking on "Deactivate" from the "User Report" page under the "Users" tab. Users can later be reactivated by clicking on "Reactivate."

Because MediaLab needed to create new user profiles for some existing site administrators, you may have duplicate names in your list of users. You can merge these duplicates by clicking on the "Users" tab, then on "Merge Users (combine duplicate user profiles)." Merging users takes two existing users and creates a single user profile with their combined assignments, administrator permissions, and personal information. No records are deleted.

MediaLab is now tracking all changes to user profiles. You can now see who added a user, who granted or revoked administrator permissions, who changed a user's personal information, and who deactivated a user.

Troubles Logging In?

Your login information may have changed as a result of MediaLab creating and merging certain user profiles. If you are having trouble logging in as a student or administrator, please try the following:
  1. If you had different usernames and passwords for your administrator and student roles, try using one and then the other to log in. In some cases, your previous student login information was retained; in some cases, your previous administrator login information was retained.
  2. Request that your username and password be e-mailed to you by clicking on "Lost your username or password?" from the login page, then entering your e-mail address. The e-mail you receive may contain multiple usernames and passwords if you have duplicate accounts in the MediaLab system.
  3. Contact your primary site administrator and ask him or her to look up your username and password.
  4. Contact MediaLab Technical Support at (877) 776-8460 or
MediaLab Thanks You for Your Support!

Thank you very much for your support as we implement these new features, and please accept our apologies in advance for any confusion. These changes will help us bring you new features and will make the MediaLab system easier to use and administer. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact MediaLab Technical Support.

Again, thank you!

Published on 7/29/2010 12:07:26 PM.

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