Two new mycology courses

Two new courses are now available for all MediaLab subscribers. Both mycology courses carry ASCLS P.A.C.E. credit for laboratory continuing education, as well as Florida Board of Clinical Laboratory Science credit for the General (Parasitology/Mycology) category.

Mycology: Hyaline and Dematiaceous Fungi helps you identify hyaline mold isolates by observing the appearance of the colony on agar plates and through microscopic appearance, as well as identify dematiaceous molds by observing characteristic structures and their rate of growth.

Mycology: Yeasts and Dimorphic Pathogens helps you identify yeast species and dimorphic fungal species by observing the appearance of the colony morphology and through microscopic appearance. The course also discusses various sources of fungal infections and the diseases that are associated with yeasts and dimorphic molds.

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Published on 8/11/2008 6:00:49 PM.

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