Updates to Document Control for 3/19

At MediaLab, we're continually working with our customers to enhance Document Control. See below for updates planned for 3/19.

There's no action that you need to take. All updates will be applied automatically on our servers on March 19th, 2013. The system will remain functional during updates.

Create Labels

Labels help you categorize your documents, like manuals, but the label names don't display for your performing and non-performing employees. Use labels for designating permissions, approval processes / workflows, and other organizational functions that don't necessarily connect to manuals and don't need to be visible to your non-administrative employees. A document can have any number of labels, just like a document can be in any number of manuals. To create a new label, click on the Edit Manuals & Labels tab.

We have more label-related features coming soon.

New icon for upcoming periodic review needed

If you're an administrator, you can now easily tell if you're viewing a document that needs periodic review in the next 90 days, even if you're not the user assigned to complete periodic review. You'll see the customary green light (to indicate "Approved and Current"), backed by a yellow warning sign. A new legend throughout the program ("Explain status icons") has more information.

Viewing permissions now available to all administrative users

All administrative users (lab directors, supervisors, and clerical users) can now view the permissions that are assigned to manuals and documents in their purview. These administrative users still cannot change the permissions, but many customers commented that letting administrators view these permissions would be helpful.

New reports

The "List of All Documents" report under the Reports tab can now be customized with additional columns, including date of last lab director approval, last periodic review date and signer name, next review date, and more. You can access this report for each manual under that manual's "Available Actions" box.

You can view the completed and incomplete performing employee signoffs for a selected document or manual under that document or manual's "Available Actions" box.

See which users are printing the most uncontrolled copies and which documents are the most frequently printed. Look under the Reports tab for "View Uncontrolled Copy Count Per Document" and "View Uncontrolled Copy Count Per User."

A new lab director can re-approve previously approved documents

CAP checklist item COM.10400 requires that, when there is a change in laboratory directorship, that the new lab director review and re-approve documents. You can now set documents and manuals to require the new lab director's approval. This will not prevent employees from viewing the document. Look under the Permissions & Customizations tab for "Require New Lab Director to Reapprove Documents."

Corporate subscription improvements Only a few subscribers have corporate subscriptions. These updates include:
Notification when a new or updated corporate procedure is available to divisions
Corporate minor revisions automatically pushed to divisions
A lab director's approval signoff at corporate can function as a division's lab director signoff

Published on 3/12/2013 5:14:00 PM.
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