Updates to Document Control for 5/17

At MediaLab, we're continually working with our customers to enhance Document Control. The updates below will be made on Friday, May 17th. There's no action you need to take -- the updates will be applied automatically. The system will remain available during the updates.

Uploading a Document: Provide Last Periodic Reviewer's Name

When you're uploading a document that's already in-use in your laboratory, the system will ask for the name of the last person to perform periodic review. This may be the same or different from the last lab director to approve the document. We'll display this information on appropriate reports and on printed face pages.

Perform Periodic Review Any Time Usually, you'll want to perform periodic review on schedule -- within 90 days of the periodic review due date. If you want to perform periodic review early, you can. Look for the link on your approved and current documents for which you're a supervisor.

If you perform periodic review early, the next periodic review will be due 2 years from the new review date. For example, Procedure X needs to be reviewed by 12/1/2013. If it is reviewed today, the next periodic review will be needed by 5/13/2015 (two years from today), rather than 12/1/2015.

Customize Document Headers You can now customize your document headers to include document-specific information: document title, number, status, last approval date, last review date, and more. See instructions at "Workflows & Customizations" > "Customize Document Headers."

Available Actions for this Document menu We've split up the "Available Actions for this Document menu into two menus: "Available Actions" and "Available Reports." This should make links easier to find.

Upgraded Hardware We've upgraded the hardware behind our web-based solutions, so you should already be seeing better performance and faster load times, especially on frequently accessed documents.

Published on 5/10/2013 3:32:59 PM.
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