Updates to Document Control for 8/13

At MediaLab, we're continually working with our customers to enhance Document Control. The updates below have been made as of today and are now available for you.

Set Periodic Review Reminders to X Days

You can now choose how long before the periodic review due date your reviewers should be notified. The default remains 90 days, but you can change it under "Workflows & Customizations" > "Change Document Control Options." This notification date controls when periodic review tasks appear on users' to-do lists, when e-mails are sent, and how icons display in Document Control.

"Not Applicable" Permissions

A new permission type, "not applicable," lets you exclude certain groups or users from having permissions over a document that they would otherwise have. For example, if there are a few documents in your Chemistry manual that some of your techs don't need to read and review, you can exclude them without having to set permissions for every document.

Set Effective Date to X Days After Final Approval

When starting a document's approval process, you can choose to have the document become effective X days after the last approval. This ensures that you will always have X days of training time, even if approvers do not complete their review on time. A new system-wide option lets you set a default number for X, so that your documents are standardized.

Document Flags

Document flags will not automatically clear when you revise a document. The uploading user can select or deselect which flagged issues were corrected in the revision.

Reprint a Manual Table of Contents

Print a manual's table of contents at any time, without having to (re)print a controlled copy of the manual.

Behind-the-Scenes Update to Controlled Copies of Manuals and Backups

We greatly improved the way that we generate PDF files for controlled copies, uncontrolled copies, and backups. Processing time for controlled copies of manuals now averages less than 10 minutes. This also addresses an issue that some customers were having with very slow controlled copies -- we apologize for the issue that these customers experienced.

Published on 8/13/2013 2:05:02 PM.
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