Improvements to Document Control for 10/9

At MediaLab, we're continually working with our customers to enhance Document Control. The updates below will be made on October 9th, 2013. There's no action you need to take. All updates will be automatically applied. The system will remain functional during the update -- no downtime is expected.

New comprehensive help + user’s guide system

We've re-written and improved our online help, providing much more information and bringing it completely up-to-date with all the features in Document Control. The new help is searchable, indexed, printable, and continually updated. Look for the new help topics in the gray sidebar of every page, linked to the blue ? icons, and linked to the "Need help?" link on the top-right of every page.

Version number for the system

Some customers needed a version number for Document Control to comply with internal audit and validation requirements. Starting with this update, our system will display a version number. This version number will change with each update to the system. You'll always see the version number on the bottom of the screen, by the copyright line.

Additional info on document index report

We've added additional columns to the document master index report. You can now choose to include: date retired, who retired the document, manual(s) in which documents are located, and document type (policy, procedure, etc.)

Notifications when a document becomes effective

If you specify a future effective date for a document, you'll now be prompted to reprint controlled copies when that effective date arrives. You can also optionally have the system e-mail your administrators and / or performing employees when the document becomes effective, not just when the document is approved and available for their signoff. Change this option under "Workflows & Customizations" > "Document Control Options."

Improved display of controlled copies

We've changed some columns and wording on the controlled copy report and controlled copy items on the To-Do list. This makes it clearer what action should be taken with a controlled copy (print, reprint, destroy) and what has triggered this action.

Divisions included in corporate backup

For users with divisions: a backup of each division's Document Control system, including their documents, reports, history, and signoff, is now included within your corporate backup. Each division has its own folder inside the corporate backup. Additionally, divisions can download their own backup, limited to just their documents, reports, history, and signoff.

Limit system access by IP range

You can now restrict access to MediaLab to certain IPs or IP ranges. This can prevent users from logging in from home -- they will have to be browsing from a computer in your hospital or lab network. To set up this option, go to "Workflows & Customizations." By default, your users can still access MediaLab from any Internet-connected computer.

Published on 10/7/2013 3:20:24 PM.

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