Document Control Survey Results

Thank you to all 158 of you who took the time to submit your feedback. We take your feedback very seriously, and we'll be working on future enhancements based on your comments.

97% of survey respondents would recommend MediaLab's Document Control to another lab. We're happy to have earned your recommendations.

Improvements Already in Place

Document Control has so many features that some settings get overlooked. Here's some clarifications on the most frequently requested items that are already available:

Getting too much e-mail?

You can set how often your users will receive e-mail reminders and notifications by clicking on "Workflows & Customizations," and then "Configure E-mail Notifications for Document Control."

Each individual user can change these settings for himself / herself, overriding the lab's system-wide setting. Click on the "My Profile" button at the top of the page, then "Change E-mail Preferences."

Searching the text of the document:

Under "View Manuals & Labels," in the gray Search box, there is a drop-down list. The default value is "Document Title, Number, and Description," but you can change this to "Document Body Text." This lets you search inside the text of all of your documents.

Assigning one-time or annual performing employee reviews:

While annual performing employee signoff of all documents is no longer a CAP or CLIA requirement, some labs still want this option. You can assign these reviews from the "Reports" tab. Click "Assign Annual Document Signoffs to Your Performing Employees" or "Assign Special Employee Signoff."

Skipping approval processes and periodic review for forms, job aids, and other document types:

Under "Workflows & Customizations," click "Add, Edit, or Remove Document Types" to set which documents need periodic review and performing employee signoff.

Then, under "Workflows & Customizations" > "View and Edit Document Approval Processes for New Documents & Major Revisions," you can create an approval process for selected document types by selected "A document type" in the "Add for" box.

Controlled copies of an entire manual:

You don't have to print controlled copies of documents one at a time -- you can print out an entire manual as a controlled copy. When documents in that manual are changed, Document Control will prompt you to update the physical copy of the manual by reprinting the new / modified procedures. Click on "Edit Manuals & Labels," navigate to the manual you want to print, click on "Available actions for this manual," and then "View / print controlled copies of this manual."

Filling out forms and worksheets electronically:

Rather than only printing out forms and worksheets and completing them by hand, your users can "print" an electronic version of forms and worksheets to fill out on the computer. When the user clicks "Print Blank Copy," he or she will have a choice of PDF (printable) or electronic formats.

Don't see this option? Check the setting under "Workflows & Customizations" > "Change Document Control Options" > "Blank Copy Printing Options."

Future Improvements

System Help:

We will be writing additional system help, orientation materials, and training documents in the coming months. Currently, our help text is 33,000 words (about 130 Word pages). Our goal is to double that by the end of March. We will supplement with screen capture videos and voice-over as much as we can.

Customer Support:

We strive for complete customer support satisfaction, and we answer every support ticket we receive. If you do not receive a reply, either the reply was filtered out by your corporate e-mail system, or we did not receive the ticket for some reason. If you have not received an answer to a support ticket, please e-mail me directly at, and I will research the issue.

Other Improvements:

We will continue to focus on speed, ease of use, and customization options that you have requested. If you find that something is taking too long to accomplish, let us know. We may have a shortcut or new feature in the works that can save you time.

Published on 1/15/2014 4:10:21 PM.

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