Document Control Improvements for 1/29

At MediaLab, we're continually working with our customers to enhance Document Control. The updates below will be made on Wednesday, January 29th. There's no action you need to take. The system will remain fully functional during the updates.

Improvements for 1/29 (v. 2014.1)

Dashboard for Document Control

A new icon next to the "Home & To-Do" tab gives you access to the Document Control dashboard, which includes charts and graphs showing:
  • Number of users who are currently logged in, have logged in recently
  • Upcoming and overdue periodic reviews by month
  • Documents flagged as needing update or recently cleared
  • Document version status
  • Performing employee signoff status
  • Users with the most incomplete approval process or workflow tasks
  • Status of controlled copies of documents and manuals
  • Median time to for completing editing workflows and approval processes
  • Most visited document versions
New Report: Users With the Most Incomplete Approval Process or Workflow Tasks

Are a couple of users holding up your documents from getting approved? See who's got the most incomplete approval tasks and workflow tasks by going to "Workflows & Customizations" > "Users With the Most Incomplete Approval Process or Workflow Tasks."

Delete Multiple Permissions at Once

Any page that lets you remove document control permissions now includes check-boxes, so you can delete multiple permissions at the same time.

Warnings When Inactive or Deleted Users are in Approval Processes or Workflows

If a user is included in an approval process or editing workflow, and then the user is later deactivated or deleted, the process / workflow can't continue. Warnings about workflows that include inactive users are now prominently noted when you click on the "Workflows & Customizations" tab and when you start the approval process for any document. To correct these issues, edit the process / workflow to add new steps (if necessary) and remove the inactive user.

Published on 1/23/2014 10:44:18 AM.

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