Document Control Improvements for 4/15

At MediaLab, we're continually working with our customers to enhance Document Control. The updates below have been made as of April 15, 2014. There's no action you need to take.

Improvements for 4/15 (v. 2014.3)

Group Supervisors

The #1 most requested feature! You can now give users permissions to view reports for all members of a group. These group supervisor permissions do not conflict with the document or manual permissions given to a user -- a group supervisor can still be a performing employee, administrator, inspector, or lab director. Group supervisors cannot edit documents unless they have additional permissions. Group supervisors are notified if members of their group have incomplete performing employee signoffs.

To create group supervisors, a site administrator can click on the "Permissions" tab, then "Select Group Supervisors." Select the user's name, then select which group(s) this user will supervise.

Resolved Conflict Between Inspector and Other Permissions

Users that need read-only report access to documents and manuals can be given Inspector permissions for all documents or specific manuals. These permissions will not conflict with additional permissions that the user may have, like performing employee or administrator for specific manuals or sub-manuals.

Backups Now Include an Uncontrolled Copy of Each Document

Document Control backups generated after Wednesday now include an uncontrolled copy of each document as a PDF in the directory for the document. The uncontrolled copy is identified as part of a backup and has the date that the backup was generated, as well as its usual headers and footers. Having an uncontrolled copy in this backup gives you a properly identified copy that can be printed in a downtime situation.

Request an Approval on Any Document for Any Reason

(We'd announced this feature for the last update, but it needed additional testing. The feature is available now.)

In additional to structured approval processes, editing workflows, and periodic review processes, you sometimes need more flexibility in who needs to approve or re-approve a document. Maybe you've hired a new supervisor, or a document is starting to be used in a new section. You'll be able to request that one or more users approve a document, at any time, and you'll be able to list the reason. This won't require you to create a new version of the document or to modify the approval processes for these one-time requests. These additional approval signatures will apply in addition to the approval processes and workflows you've created.

You can request / assign these approvals by going to "View Actions & Reports" for a document, and then clicking "Request additional approvals ยป." Or, you can request the approvals from the "Start the Approval Process" page.

Published on 4/15/2014 11:52:47 AM.

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