Document Control Improvements for 5/6

At MediaLab, we're continually working with our customers to enhance Document Control. The updates below have been made as of May 6th, 2014. There's no action you need to take.

Improvements for 5/6 (v. 2014.3)

New To-Do List Item: Documents That Have Stalled in their Approval Process

The to-do list for administrators in Document Control has a new section: documents that have stalled in their approval process. If no action has been taken on a "being edited," "in review," or "ready for lab director" document in the last seven days, you'll get a notification. A new report under "Workflows & Customizations" gives you more details.

"Quick Searching" Includes Body Text

When searching for a document from the "quick search" box in the top left, you'll see documents that match by title, name, description, and body text.

"Quick Search" Results Appear in the Left-Hand Panel

Clicking on a document name from the "quick search" will take you to the document as well as load the search results into the left-hand outline view, so you can view multiple matches.

Improvements to Body Text Searching

Document body text searches are now more flexible. A search for "bloodborne pathogens" will include documents that match the exact phrase, as well as documents that include both words somewhere in their text. For example, searching for "Abbott QC" will return more relevant results.

Face Pages Get a Face Lift

We reorganized the information on printed face pages for easier reference.

Published on 5/6/2014 12:06:51 PM.

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