Organize Policies and Procedures

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of documents, you and your employees will be able to locate relevant, up-to-date documents, quickly and easily, with MediaLab's Document Control system.

Create Virtual Manuals

Document Control is built around manuals, just like you're currently using in the laboratory. A virtual manual is always accessible online. Build manuals by department, bench, laboratory, job description, location, or any other criteria. When a document is revised or replaced, it's updated in all of your virtual manuals.

Match the Right People with the Right Manuals

Let your employees access just the manuals that are applicable to them. Manuals can have supervisors who are responsible for reviewing documents, uploading new documents to be approved, printing controlled copies, and keeping track of which employees have signed off on which policies and procedures.

Employees See Only Current, Approved Procedures

Don't let your employees use an out-of-date procedure. Document Control limits access so that employees will always see the current, up-to-date version of policies and procedures. Retired versions are available to supervisors and administrators for historical purposes.

Keep Control of Printouts

When a policy or procedure changes, all printed copies have to be replaced. Tracking the location of all printouts can be difficult, but MediaLab's Document Control handles this task automatically. Document Control generates controlled copies: printouts with unique tracking information used to locate and replace the procedure when it changes. Quick reference, uncontrolled copies can also be printed - these printouts are appropriately labeled in accordance with regulatory requirements.