Personnel Documentation

Quick, do you have up to date academic transcripts, licenses, certification, and duty descriptions for all of your technical employees? If you're missing even one diploma, your laboratory isn't in compliance with CAP, Joint Commission, and CMS requirements. Get rid of file cabinents and photocopies: MediaLab's Personnel Documentation brings your mandatory personnel documentation online.

Meet CAP, Joint Commission, and CMS Requirements

CAP, Joint Commission, and CMS all require laboratories to maintain personnel documentation for technical employees. In particular, CAP checklist item GEN.54400 - Personnel Records states:

Personnel files are maintained on all current technical personnel and personnel records include all of the following:
  • Copy of academic diploma or transcript
  • Laboratory personnel license, if required by state, province, or country
  • Summary of training and experience
  • Certification, if required by state or employer
  • Description of current duties and responsibilities as specified by the laboratory director
  • Records of continuing education
  • Records of radiation exposure where applicable

Personnel Documentation from MediaLab helps your laboratory to meet these requirements with an easy to use, straightforward system that shows exactly which users need to provide documentation, which users' haven't yet uploaded the necessary files, and how long it's been since that documentation was reviewed or updated. Search by user or document type to pull up documentation any time.

Assign Documentation Types by Title or Job Description

Set up requirements for different job titles or descriptions, to make sure that different kinds of employees are providing the right sort of documentation. Customize your requirements to facility and location, based on your state's requirements and your organization's policies.

E-mails, Reminders, and To-Do Lists

Employees and supervisors receive e-mail notifications when new documentation is assigned to them and for as long as it remains to be completed. Reminders are sent when documentation needs to be reviewed or updated, either before it expires or on an annual or biannual basis.

Supervisor and Management Review

Bring your department heads, managers, and shift supervisors into the documentation review process. Empower them to collect and review documentation for their employees and ensure that it's correct and up to date. Lab management has access to comprehensive reports, audit trails, and historical information.

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Reports for users, groups, and documentation types
See all of a user's documentation in one place
Define your own documentation types and assign them
View and search Word, PDF, and scanned images of documentation