Automated Assignment of Initial, Six-Month, and Annual Assessments

Competency assessment isn't a one-time process. Your POCT personnel must be assessed after hiring, after six months (for non-waived tests), and at least annually. With hundreds or thousands of POCT personnel in your facility, it's easy to let a yearly assessment fall through the cracks or end up late.

Compass Assigns Competency Assessments Automatically

Compass won't let you forget to assign competency assessment when needed. Appropriate six-month and annual assessments are automatically assigned to relevant testing personnel. There's nothing you have to do, nothing to forgot or skip. Compass keeps you on schedule.

Handle Both New Hires and Long-Time Employees

When you have a new hire, Compass assigns them the initial assessments for the relevant tests and instruments. For long-time employees who've completed initial assessment or annual assessments already,Compass picks up where you left off. Compass is continuous with your previous competency assessment records, so that you can keep to you existing schedule.

Personnel Changes Are Easy

Group your employees by job title, job description, testing specialty, physical location, floor, department, or any other criteria you like. Set which competency assessments apply to which groups, and Compass handles the assignments. Even if an employee changes departments or job titles, Compass will assign them the correct competency assessments.

Share the Supervision

Give supervisors, department heads, nursing managers, and other responsible users the ability to view reports and complete competency assessment observations for their employees. You have full control over what other users can see and mark as complete.