Compass: Competency Assessment for POCT & PPMP

MediaLab has been instrumental in our laboratory's transition from paper documentation to electronic documentation. The variety of modules offered by MediaLab has allowed us to easily meet regulation requirements as well as the needs of our employees. Thank you MediaLab for helping to keep our laboratory organized!
Monica Lao
Ambry Genetics
Aliso Viejo, CA

CLIA requires that your laboratory assess the competency of point of care testing personnel who perform nonwaived testing. It is also good laboratory practice to periodically assess competency of all POC testing personnel, even on waived testing. Compass helps your point of care coordinators deliver custom competency assessments to hundreds or thousands of POCT & PPMP employees, track their completion and corrective action, and present a complete picture of your POCT & PPMP competency assessment program at any time.

Define Your Own Competency Profiles

Create custom competency profiles for each instrument, test, or platform in use. Competency profiles can include online courses, online checklists, procedure review, and review of quality control records, observations of instrument maintenance, and more. Learn how »

Ready-to-Use Competency Profiles

Compass includes ready-to-use competency assessment modules for many popular instruments and all PPM tests, with more on the way soon. See included competency profiles »

Automated Assignment of Initial, Six-Month, and Annual Assessments

Assign competency profiles to your employees based on specialty and job description. Compass automatically delivers initial, six month, and annual assessments, on schedule. How it works »

Build Online Courses, Quizzes, and Checklists

Compass includes tools to build your own online, self-grading courses and quizzes that form part of competency assessment. Use ChecklistBuilder to track completion of other activities, like observation of step-by-step instrument maintenance. Learn more »

Enforce CLIA Competency Assessment Procedures

CLIA '88 requires that competencies for moderate and high complexity tests include six assessment procedures for each test, each employee. Ensure that your laboratory’s competencies meet this standard and track completion of all appropriate assessment activities. How Compass can help »

A Complete Picture of Competency for Every Employee

Compass gives you detailed reports that show how you assess competency in your laboratory. Prove that your competencies include all required procedures. Show that each employee is up-to-date on all tests and instruments. Get e-mail notifications before competency assessment issues arise. Compass is automatic and easy to use. See examples »